MDK Takahashi


Vehicle Condition Assurance:

At MDK TAKAHASHI, all vehicles are offered on an “As-is Where-is” basis, sourced from trusted Japanese auctions or sellers. We provide 20 detailed photos for each car upon arrival at our yard, with exterior and interior grades clearly indicated on the unit’s page. To ensure transparency, we do not entertain claims for faults or defects post-shipment, urging buyers to meticulously review the photos and seek clarification from our sales team before finalizing a purchase.

Accessories Faults Disclaimer:

We do not cover faults in accessories like radio/cassette players, telephones, navigation systems, CD changers, or non-original equipment parts.

Shipment Responsibility:

While we facilitate shipment arrangements, MDK TAKAHASHI bears no responsibility for delays or cancellations due to shipping line or agent rescheduling. Customers have the option to secure insurance coverage for added protection against potential losses.

Damage During Shipment:

Upon arrival at our yard, we document the condition of vehicles through images. However, we do not assume liability for damages incurred during or after shipment. Customers can opt for insurance coverage for added peace of mind.

Theft Precaution:

We do not entertain claims for stolen accessories depicted in photos at the time of purchase, whether at our yard, during shipment, or at the destination port.

Sale Cancellation Protocol:

MDK TAKAHASHI may compensate buyers for canceled purchases under certain conditions, excluding specific circumstances like faulty engines/transmissions or radiation contamination. Deposits may be refunded within 14 days upon request, or alternative vehicles with similar specifications may be offered.

Refund Policy:

Refunds are processed to the buyer’s bank account, with deductions made for bank transfer costs and any owed funds to the seller.

Timely Payments:

To avoid late fees and penalties, remaining balances must be settled within 72 hours of invoice issuance. Late payments may incur additional charges and could lead to legal action.

Payment Methods Clarity:

We exclusively accept payments via PayPal and bank transfer to our official accounts listed on the MDK TAKAHASHI website. Payments to non-official accounts are strictly prohibited.

Container Shipment Integrity:

MDK TAKAHASHI does not entertain claims for vehicle damage during container shipment.

Delivery Punctuality:

Once the vessel departs from Japan, we do not accept claims for damage due to delays at sea.

B/L Accuracy:

While we offer amendments to bills of lading (B/L) at no charge for mistakes on our part, charges may apply if errors result from incorrect information provided by the buyer.

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